Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Freewheelin Vertigo #200- What happens when someone forgets to turn off the monitor

Recently I came across a thread that was discussing promotional websites for films, and how when the internet was first starting out EVERY film had an individual website but in recent years only a few are still marketed. Well after doing some sleuthing, including a relayed post @cinematical- I followed my eager internet savvy heart to this site....

Please enjoy the circa 1996 webpage for..... SPACE JAM!

SO whatcha gonna do?

Well you should definitely check this site out. I remember being 9 years old and thinking this movie was amazing; but what did I know at 9 years old? In terms of its website, the graphics are hilarious and the obvious GIF imaging should make one proud to see that the internet has come a long way.

As for the contents... well you should check out every section, as just the descriptions are entertaining enough to keep your interest. Its like a time capsule of marketing, or a preserved example of using buzzwords to entice kids to BUY! Which essentially is just what marketing is...

Favorite section: A detailed stats list for the 95-96 NBA season for all the major basketball players in the film. It definitely was a dream team of stats but without anything to compare it to, well it seems kind of silly to post. I'm surprised Warner Brothers didn't fake a bunch of stats for the Looney Tunes cast!

Favorite quote: "The jamminest two minutes of trailer time that ever hit a theater. It's 7.5 megs, it's Quicktime, and it's worth it. Click the graphic to download..." (

Although the actual video link doesn't work, its still amazing that back in '96, a 7.5 mpg quicktime video was considered a big deal! In fact it was the "jamminest"of all jams.


Readers after a second hundred posts I would like to extend a message of thanks to everyone who has stuck through the last year with this blog! Your readership and support means the world to me, and for that I owe you all a debt of gratitude. For the next one hundred, please stay tuned as many new things are to come!

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Happy New Year!

Eric Wilkinson- Freewheelin Vertigo and middleaisle tumblr founder