Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekly Update: Saturday December 11th

Well its Saturday, and after a week of seemingly nonstop complications I welcome in the weekend with a blizzard. Its funny that such extreme conditions can be taken one of two ways. The first being a seminal caution that displaces anything and everything that you would normally do. No one wants to be working, driving, or some other round about activity because well, the weather just sucks. The second is a gung ho determination to beat whatever obstacle is placed in front of you so that the days planned activities can continue; regardless of how dumb that actually ends up turning out (just ask that bus stuck in a ditch how he is feeling about right now).

Well in the wake of being trapped inside, its actually given me time to just sit and relax. The past week has seen the invasion of my HP netbook at the hands of a Facebook-based virus brought on during a writing section at the Chaska Dunn Bros. Its ironic because that event was followed up by the even worse news that my car is now undriveable thanks to the meddling of some mechanics I trusted to look my car over before actually doing anything drastic. These two events, along with 6 days of working straight in poor weather have left me desiring something more. My desire to write and my continually rising stack of projects has me wishing that I had a better job that would facilitate my need/desire to get creative. The other day I noticed a job opening in the editorial department at IGN Entertainment, which is by far one of my top choices for a working position! I applied and hope that whoever does take the time to check out my writing samples (on this and my tumblr blog no less!) looks into my writing with an open mind for what I can bring to their company. Regardless of what the outcome will be, its extremely motivating that I made the effort to do such a thing (apply for a desired posting), in a week that has been otherwise been filled with disappointment. 

So needless to say, as I write on my girlfriends macbook in downtown Victoria during a blizzard, I would definitely appreciate more positivity. That and an extra 130.00 to fix the virus issue on my stupid netbook. 


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TRON: Legacy- Music by Daft Punk review

Typically I haven't spent a great deal of time reviewing music, and so for the sake of taking this blog into new territory- I have decided to devote this entry to reviewing the brand new Daft Punk album, "TRON: Legacy- Music by Daft Punk". I only wish that Blogger supported the TRON font in order to do this review, what a wasted opportunity! For the sake of emphasizing certain names and references, I will be CAPITALIZING various words throughout the review to draw your attention to various items, this is the first time I have done this and hopefully it will accomplish what I am hoping- which is feedback/a response in both comments and with linkage to that which I provide at the bottom of the post.

Daft Punk is a duo that were made for a project such as this, and it seems that DISNEY could have made no better choice than to incorporate the French jockeys into both their film (as DJs in the technological world of TRON), and as the essential creators of the soundtrack/score for the film itself. 

The album is sweeping to a fracturing symphony, as we begin to listen to OVERTURE, and right away one notices that this is a much more cinematic approach than previously applied in Daft Punks discography. You can feel it as you hear Jeff Bridges monologue in THE GRID, which serves as a proverbially expected tie in to the film itself- and instantly you are opened up to a much more familiar electric twang. 

The albums highest points come in songs such as DEREZZED, the single for the album that one recieved under the Pre Order and is ultimately the most exposed track on the album; RINZLER is certainly the most clublike and provides a passionate approach to otherwise familiar territory; END OF THE LINE, acts as Daft Punks introduction into the film and the 2nd most "clublike" track; OUTLANDS 1+2, acts as the two symphonic best of the album, with very classical tones (especially in part ones intro and outro), and is slightly more dimensional than the similarly themed ADAGIO FOR TRON, which felt very BACH-like compared to the rest of the album; THE GAME HAS CHANGED,  is a very technically pleasing track with alot of what one would expect from TRON/DAFT PUNK, and also seems to be taking cues from Hans Zimmers score of INCEPTION; SON OF FLYNN/FLYNN LIVES were both very broad tracks that incorporated some 8-bit sampling without becoming too static, and ARENA, which acts as an echoing atmospheric track full of action and enticing mid notes. Several tracks (END OF THE LINE, THE GAME HAS CHANGED, RINZLER, and CLU) surprisingly even had a unique flair for tribal fusion, with clanging drums and crunching percussions- that adds so much depth to each of those tracks that one might close their eyes and picture a world of complete energy swirling around you.

You can sense how much work went into this album, and it shows on every track that the French duo pulled from a variety of film scores and electronic sources to piece together an electric soundscape for this world to exist within. One only has to watch the trailer to see how perfectly this combines with the films imagery and production design- which ultimately creates the moniker of a great score.

As you listen to the album you quickly realize that it is much less a club mix, and much more a "techtonic" approach to an almost certainly atmospheric symphony- possibly existing within a computer itself. You follow the "light trails" to reach the high elevated blasts echoing off the computer world walls in a dark yet sweeping chorale changing before your ears. I appreciated that the soundtrack took a HOWARD SHORE approach to the score, and that Daft Punk was able to find ways to incorporate their unique sound without becoming lost to new territory.

While some may say that this album is not DAFT PUNK enough it, for the most part, does live up to what it was intending to be: an atomospheric approach to the world of TRON. Ultimately with a newly rebooted franchise such as TRON, one would need to approach it with careful crafting based upon classical tradition, or it becomes "just another soundtrack" for "just another film." I imagine DISNEY will find great success with this album, as well as the film- which one can find cycling into theaters come DECEMBER 17th 2010 in both IMAX and regular CINEMAS.

If you want to pick up the album, I suggest following the link below to AMAZON.COM- which is doing a deal right now where you can pick up a digital copy for just 3.99!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ways to Get Involved!

Recently I have come across two websites that offer free trade products made by individuals in other countries that are attempting to change their unfortunate circumstances in a dignified way, in order to support their families. These organizations serve as outlets for those effected by HIV/AIDS, Sex Trafficking, economic hardship/.poverty, and gang violence.

It is important to remember these people during this time of the year, as it makes you realize all that you have in comparison with those who carry terrible burdens with them every day. I found myself quite struck during my senior year, in the realm of Social Justice issues when I joined the Simpson Social Action Commitee and attempted to make my voice heard along with several other students. I think as one exits from college it becomes difficult to keep a globalized perspective on hand, when you don't have access to the same kind of communal response that is offered by many universities across the nation. It is all together then even more important that one takes time to look around and see all that is taking place, in an act of humble sight, in order to find ways to make this world a better place.

I encourage you to check out these websites and look at what they are offerring, and consider even picking up a giftcard ( to give out to friends/family this holiday season.
Cheers and Happy Christmas!