Sunday, August 1, 2010

Admiration [people,places, ideas, and other culturally relevant topics]: Inspiration

hey eric
hey josh
hows things?
they're okay
pretty decent
nothing to shout about today but good nonetheless
just been trying to find motivation lately
for what particularly, or just mundain in life for the moment
find motivation to pursue my [passions]
meaning... I feel like I want to write.. but don't set enough time aside to do that
but even then... even if I have the time... I don't know if necessarily it will happen
you know?
so finding the motivation to be... more active in my own skin
what usually inspires?
broad question isn't it!!
inspiration seems to fit my focus... its like what I actively think about may not be enough... it has to come from somewhere
the idea that everything has to be profound in order to be stated... well, its hard to imagine anyone being profound all the time.
at some point in time you would just sound repetitive, or perhaps cocky
and no one wants to read that. That's why bros don't make good writers, and neither do people who don't dream.

The truth is, that some of the greatest pieces of inspiration have come to me by accident, and have sometimes left just as quickly as they arrived. The unfortunate cause of living in a society that places so much focus on "more" without having a sense of depth. Granting myself time has always been an issue, and unfortunately even if I give myself the time it doesn't mean that I will do anything with it. Passive actions usually lead to passive lives. The reality of engaging what we sense, is to be human. I gotta learn to see with my fingers rather than my eyes, to perceive all around me in the sense of poetry or music, to live life rather than live a theory, to expose myself to myself in an attempt to wake up whatever lagging senses remain.
I am like that guy sitting in the diner at  2 am, tenth cup of coffee in hand, fighting the idea of sleep because insomnia sounded so damn interesting. The world is alive you know, its not just a set or series of "must dos" and "have tos"... its more than that. We are all down trodden and down on our luck; but that lottery is awaiting us to see the right combination. Tonight I look to the moon to see how well its curves bring out the night sky, distracting our sights from all the stars... cause she's just so luminous. 
In the morning I wind up this old heart to get things moving. Steam shooting out of the cracks and crevices.... leaving on the first train I can find. Can't predict the breakdowns, can't even determine if they will happen; but a life unlived isn't really life, is it? I don't think so. So if I get bumped and bruised along the way, so be it! This strain of breath will keep me going, but its my spirit that keeps me moving. What inspires me is that which is unique to me. What I mean by that is exactly how it sounds... that inspiration comes from the soul. When I read something lacking perspective or soul or even real thought... that's when I question if it was really worth reading. But in the event that I am surprised, well... that's what makes it all worth it.
Inspiration doesn't come from us necessarily but what we do with it; that becomes what we produce. Its as if we have the ability to create something wholly unique onto itself and possibly influential in its own right.