Sunday, July 11, 2010

jets on lag

combined total= 2 hrs from SeaTac to San Francisco
10.5 hours from San Francisco to London Heathrow
Another 2 hours from LH to Barcelona
12 days on a whirlwind tour of the Mediteranean
2 hours from Barc to LH
10.5 hours from LH to San Fran
2 hours from San Fran to SeaTac
1 hour drive home....

I'm tired and I'm wearing dress pants that are too tight. got two souveniers taken on the trip back from Europe. I have a strong headache going. listening to Exile on Main Street on the airplanes wireless. Trying to figure out how I can make the most of my vacation till work starts on tuesday. Browsing my blog to see if anyone commented, no one did although my girlfriend insists she did. I want to just sleep for a week and edit my pictures. I need to... I'm reading Klosterman and I'll probably finish in a day or so, having started two hours ago. Got another 3 used books in my bag (Seinlanguage, Horror Holmes, and a really interesting looking one by Chabon). I gotta start reading more... its a necessity. I definitely need a better used bookstore by me. I want to play mario right now... strange desire but whatever. I really have a strange desire to buy a pinball machine and play it everyday... EVERY DAY.... ugh... what a life... seriously I need a Sprite and this stewardess is taking ten lifetimes.... I might just pass out dead.... my sister wants to watch the bachelorette.... I don't know what its about... probably some murder mystery or a spy show... whatever, my sister thinks I'm wasting her time... haha.