Saturday, June 12, 2010

on chorale vapors

lights flicker by pale wood carved bleachers
fascinations rouse the sleeping lepers
turning wheels by rays of starlight
unto this rose thine thorns come finely tipped
skeleton keyed mercedes under weight of impoundment

cross to the pilars ashen gray
rosary beads and limestone cranes dot the petals falling from the open veins
stick unto this the grace that seethes forth a lifted spirit
eyes widen at the melting paperweight cavayet

clairvoyant cherub mages
line the prison walls with mustard colored dandelion chains
picked for classic and unclassifiable sorts come the like
to this and many more may I say to you that it is the end
but do not fret

shadowy sparrow  finds an empty nest
dotted lines for creaking coffers, come jest for this be the end
sleeping toads in organ pipes
hillside transylvanian casts burdened eyes
mud lined neckline from ages of duty come to rest

raised virgins light casts purity upon darkness
to the heavens with dowry un prescience
cold and stationary among silk and lace
yet profoundly and wonderfully
transcendently made to be, a glow unto the soul.

with path don taken
comes light doth cast
unto morning in this spirit

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the return

I didn't die. I just have too much to say right now. Soon though, a return to form. New blogs. A chance for me to let it out.