Thursday, November 26, 2009

give thanks

First off let me note that I am back in Washington for a few days. I unfortunately will not be able to visit/see very many people when I am home- as my schedule simply won't allow for it; but know that if I didn't get to see you I will be home for December! And we can definitely hangout then.
It is strange to me, to shift from life in L.A. back to my small little hometown. Its quite a strange occurance (possibly locational shell shock in a way). It almost feels surreal. I suppose that means that my adjusment takes a little longer each time I enter into a "new" place. I am listening to Ben Folds right now and working on my script.
For those who didn't hear (which I believe most should because of my status update) I was one of only 5 students whose pitches were chosen by a producer to read. Its all very exciting, as I had thought that I did a rather poor job of presenting my material. Apparently not! haha. It is very exciting because I am finding more and more that I would love to pursue a career that includes both creativity and writing. I suppose that is why I was really drawn to L.A. I still have a great desire to get my masters degree and teach, but I see the next few years being a process where I get to express my creative ideas in some fashion. I don't know how successful I will be in such a venture, but I truly believe that it is something that will bring a lot of fulfillment. To some this may be new, to others not so much- I just felt that I should announce it in fashion. I am working on the first draft of my first full-length screenplay, and after I turn it in I will be getting a great amount of notes from my awesome screenwriting professor Kris Young. Once I get around to writing a second draft I will send it off to this producer (Brady Nespell) and he will read it and let me know what he thinks. I think that it will be a good lesson/process for me to learn if I am to ever get a full length book published! woo! That would be cool.
I am listening to Ben Folds (as I mentioned earlier) and he talks a lot about going home and going through a lot of life experiences that push us and break us. I think that in the last year I have learned more about myself, the world, and ultimately life just by experiencing life with other people. I am amazed at the wisdom and foolishness; I am amazed at what has been done, and what hasn't been done; I am simply amazed at what I have learned.
We may, at times, find that experiences lead us to places that we never intended to go- but I think that is in fact a part of what makes life what it is. Without a sense of struggle, pain, or yearning could we ever know true happiness, success, or even love? I doubt that we could.
Not that we wish upon ourselves a life of grief for single moments of happiness, but you understand my point. I find that in this place (home) I have the chance this week to delve into what has kept me afloat the last few months, and what ultimately gives me foundation for where I go/what I do. That can sometimes be quite a revelation, but also an accomplishment- to know that you are doing something for a purpose. There is nothing better than finding that something you have done/ said/acted upon has helped someone else. Maybe even made them stronger.
To even sense that personal sacrifice made a difference is enough to spend a life in humility... a life in continual love and devotion for your fellow man. There is so much to give and sometimes we get hung up on our hinderences. I have weaknesses, plenty of them, and sometimes they grip me into dark slumbers where I cannot find the light- but as I understand that I regardless of my weakness, I can help influence the world for good- I end up understanding that life truly has purpose.
That is something to be thankful for. That God gives to his creation purpose, and we in turn love one another in the life that we are given.