Thursday, October 15, 2009

Angeles: Things I don't Want... Part one

The one thing that I've really realized these days is the continued dwindling down of video rental stores. Its a sad reality to think that one day I won't be able to just go and rent whatever movie I want, in any mood that I am in. Sure I could go to RedBox, but in all reality they never have anything that I would want to rent (i.e. good films). Sure I could restart my netflix account, but the thing is that so many times I would get films in the mail that at one time I wanted to see, but really couldn't see myself watching when they finally arrived. Sure I could go out and buy films, or torrent until the internet blows itself up but really I just don't want to have such an integral part of my movie watching taken away. Its the same with the theater experience. Why would I want to watch a crappy webcam version of a film? I wouldn't.
I know that Hollywood/Blockbuster is expensive, and sometimes I wonder how they haven't caught onto the reality of 99 cent rentals (seriously you will make so much more money in the long haul), but I don't want to have them just disappear. Maybe this is a pointless argument, but one day you will be sitting around wishing you could watch an old release like "Grumpy Old Men", a foreign film like "Howl's Moving Castle", and the 1973 version of "The Wicker Man"... and you won't have any place to go.