Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Angeles 11

......:there is something on my mind, and I just can't quite figure it out, I wonder if it will come out.... or perhaps, it will drift with me as I sleep- fading into the next day, where possibly it will come out once again, but perhaps it will not... and if then, may it be laid to sleep as I am, in a case for closed eyes and unfurrowed brow... to lay with the stars without a sense of time... drifting slowly, I see it not but alas my time is now:.....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Angeles 10: Famous People

Yesterday I had an interaction with a celebrity, a Mr. Ryan Gosling, right outside the El Rey Theater, and it made me realize something quite profound about famous people.
What I realized was that these people's jobs are 'being famous', and that is what their daily lives consist of, but these people are always trying to find a sense of normalcy in their lives. For the most part, famous people don't like being stared at, asked for autographs every 5 seconds, sought out after by all kinds of weird fan people...and it is funny that "regular people" are always trying to become famous, while "famous people" are always trying to be normal.
I find it sad, and kind of ironic. These people define what we consider "cool" and "hot", yet how many of them could honestly say that they just want to be like everyone else once in awhile? Probably quite a few. I can only make this observation of course, because I (myself) am not famous.