Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Angeles 7: ?

Its amazing how far we can go, without ever really saying anything...

How much we have pent up inside, waiting for someone to hear, yet if they don't and it doesn't come out... where does it all go?

The shadowlands...


I never thought that I would decide to provide an ensuing point of "contemplation"- for my hundredth blog entry, but here it is!

Over the course of the last year I have learned so much about the world, God, music, film, culture, faith, love, hate, anger, happiness, truth, falsity, politics, literature, writing, communication, women, relationships, friendships, learning to call people back, traveling, cars, not wanting certain things, epeskidarianism, life, myself, others, reality/philosophy, art, photography, sports.... etc...

The amount of knowledge one gains in a time such as this can shake one to the core just taking it all in. I have been able to drop old burdens, and have in the process been able to make great strides. Burdens however can be reassessed, retaken- almost given new life in new situations. I think that given a choice as to whether I would have a carefree life with no consequence, versus a more difficult life with greater internal/external fulfillment (reward internal, expansion external)- then I would probably choose the latter.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

films that catch my interest

Whip it!
A Serious Man
Capitalism: A Love Story
The Invention of Lying
Where the Wild Things Are
Gentleman Broncos
The Box
The Men Who Stare at Goats
Pirate Radio
Up in the Air
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Road
Lovely Bones
It's Complicated
Sherlock Holmes

Angeles 6: interning (a)

basically I have come to realize that if I want to make an input at my internship, I basically have to "be in the right place at the right time". To actually have any creative input requires me to enter into conversations at a precise time, and hope that I get a chance to express my thoughts.

right now I am answering phones and sitting in reception. the whole staff (save for the two other interns) are eating in the conference room.

I have read three screenplays today, none of which are any good, and it gives me some hope that I could possibly write something better... maybe... who knows...

I think its funny that people tailor their screenplays in such a way, that they legitimately think that their idea is "a new version of this" or a "new twist on that". What's even more humorous, is this idea that indie films should be referenced in how you explain your stories/characters. I highly doubt that the writer of 500 Days of Summer, or Juno was sitting around pitching the idea as a indie version of romantic comedy, or an indie version of she's having a baby... I highly doubt it. So why then do writers insist on referencing these films and putting their unclever clutter in the same vain? I don't know... maybe I'm being a bit cynical... but sometimes I wonder why we don't try to be a little more original and write from the heart...