Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Angeles V: Please brake for Koreans...

I went and hung out with an old friend today, a Mr. Aaron Howard (of Simpson University fame), and found it to be an enjoyable afternoon. I ordered so much teriyaki/sushi, and had time to catch up and reminisce. Swan, we wish you were with us (although you won't probably read my blog to hear that...ha).

I found that Culver City is kind of like what I imagined Hollywood to look like. By "Culver City", I mean the area surrounding Sony Pictures. It is pretty upscale over there.

About halfway down California my brake pads were shot... I haven't had the time to go and get them replaced; but luckily I haven't been driving hardly at all since my arrival (3 weeks ago!). It took me forever to find a Midas station, which is ironically two buildings down from my new job (which I can only find because of the giant John Wayne statue in front of it). Unfortunately it can't be fixed till tomorrow...and its gonna cost $200.00 to do all the parts and labor. Damn, I wish I would have taken some car repair courses at a JC.

I find that whenever you need to find something, lets say a gas station or a car wash, you can't find one...
It's like cruel fate stating "you had your chance when you saw gas stations earlier, but no you wanted a cheaper price, so I am gonna let you drop below E, and then have to go to a really expensive station in the middle of Korea town... where no one pays attention to 'dont walk' signs"...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Angeles 4: The Power of Art + The Power of Words

Art + Words

The ability to combine the spoken/written word with the transcendence of art is simply put: incredible. To be able to show light upon the simplicities of our realities, the grandness of what is beyond, and the beauty of what is felt inside- all become methods for connection. The yearnings of the heart are to seek that which they are searching for, that which they are longing for, and at times they will not find bond with another, but when it does the power is immense. Our minds analyze, our hearts emotionalize, and our souls seek to find balance in what we "see".

In spite of what one's definition of "art" or even "words", it is a universal desire to find connection. The expressions of an individual, or even a group express what cannot be determined by mere glance, but by continued analysis. To be "caught" off guard by a work of art, is to find something within that subject that draws us to a place of "experience". These experiences make us feel as though we are the only ones in the world who are seeing, possibly for the first time, the specialness of the subject. That is power. The power to move. The power to enlighten. The power to change. The power to inspire, or possibly even turn us away.

What spurred this on in my thinking? I can't say for sure, but it has become more apparent as time goes on that the things we "connect" with, can truly go "above and beyond" our expectations of the journey.