Saturday, September 5, 2009

Angeles 3: Cheapfood+brightsunnywindows

I have been itching to get back into school ever since I walked in April, and finally (during the second week of my new "school") I have felt like it is becoming more like what I have been waiting for. Some people think I must be crazy to love school/learning, and maybe I am; but maybe I'm not. I have started to realize that I need to start picking up where I left off with things like paper-writing, and reading... things that ultimately didn't pop-up over the summer (save for a 2 hour project on suffering in the world).
I went out with some friends today (the Navarros! and mike), and we went grocery shopping. I feel like I always come home with groceries, but in all reality I only get a few items every time. I like hanging out with these people, it has been really fun entering into new relationships. Quite refreshing in some cases.
The brightness from my window beats down on me, in an almost uncomfortable way, yet its warmth fills me with a sense of newness... a sense of lightness.
Tonight we are all going to go see John Williams perform at the Hollywood Bowl, which has always been a dream of mine to see. If he plays Jurassic Park, I might just weep. :)
I am excited for what the day brings, I am excited to see the sun set, I am excited to see the moon, and fall asleep in knowing that tomorrow is truly something new.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Angeles 2: Something/Sometimes

"I know I'm young but I'm way too old to breathe..."- Kings of Leon

So much is spinning around my head. So much I can't quite pinpoint, so much I can't quite define. I kind of wish I had a 12-step program, cause I feel like a junkie without a fix... only my thoughts to entertain me. Living in Los Angeles has been an interesting experience thusfar. I am enjoying it a lot, and finally starting to really feel adjusted to the surrounding area. Albeit, I still feel like a tourist.
Living in the tension is something that adds so much complexity... and at times it feels like too much. I have faith, as it is the only thing that can truly hold us together inside. For this, and everyday I walk... I hope to walk in faith.