Monday, August 24, 2009

Angeles: 1

So I moved to Los Angeles, for the few of you who didn't probably know, for a four-month film studies program. If you recall (from possible conversation), I decided two weeks before graduation that I was moving towards 'walking' instead of receiving my degree, and the reasoning behind it lies in this program. My concentration is writing- the aspiration that has continued to grow in the last two years at an alarming rate. Most of the students here are looking to get into actual production, which is great, but I have seen myself as more of an idea-person, or simply just a writer. The role of contribution is only part of my ambition. I am realistic, as well as humble about this new experience. I am looking forward to meeting new people, learning from new people, and understanding what God has for me in my time here, and my time to come.
Its exciting, its a little intimidating, and its also a little daunting as to what comes next... but I guess that's the fine print that we all forget to read when entering into something new.
I think we are all at a place where we are eager to "get started", but I am very grateful for a staggered start, due to not wanting to be "burnt out" in the very beginning. My internship is the most exciting element of this entire experience, as I don't know where I will be working, or what I will be doing. This interests me, because wherever I could get placed could impact me in ways that other opportunities could never do. I really agree with what Kris said this morning, when she stated "you need to allow yourself to enter in, without forsaking your own sense of identity, but also willing to come into things open minded." That is truly key... and it is something that I have been incorporating for some time now and will continue to do so.
I know that God will continue to show his grace, regardless.