Thursday, July 16, 2009

MidAisle Critic: Summer Movie Reviews: The Half Blood Prince

"Why is it everytime some form of trouble occurs you three are always behind it?"- McGonaghal
"Believe me mum, I've been asking myself the same question for the last 6 years"- Ron

NOTE:This isn't so much a review as collected thoughts about the film

Its been two years since the last Potter film came into being, and to be quite honest it has been a long two years. There is truly something to be said about a series that has captured an entire generation of readers, and then is able to continue to do so visually in every new film adaption that makes its way to the cineplex. In this reviewers eyes, Harry Potter is truly a rare gem of a series, and somehow my love has been rekindled for it. Thus, I think of the story, characters, and books/films in much more personal terms (as part of my adolescence as well as my young adult life). That is a rare thing these days, to have ones imagination rekindled.
I suppose I say this to distinguish against an idea that a film/book series such as this has to be all about effects and not necessarily about character. That translates to mean "emotionally detached in attempting to mesmerize us", which subsequently is the problem in today's explosive driven, cgi fanfaring, fanboy loving film scene.
So many times I have sat down to watch films with twice the action as HBP, yet with the depth/emotional ties completely forsaken in the name of cheap one-liners and cardboard stereotypes.
Half Blood Prince (the film) is beautifully shot (by the woman who brought us Amelie no less!), faithfully adapts the book (although a few sequences were cut), and manages to once again move the audience in connecting with our favorite wizarding triad.
The film is not perfect, but with each Potter film (save for what I consider the worst= Goblet of Fire) the quality of acting, writing, and directing makes tremendous efforts to improve. I could have used more explanation of the implications of who the Half Blood Prince was (even though I obviously know), and felt as though more time to divulge into that area of the plot would have been helpful for members of the audience unfamiliar with the books. Also, I felt as though certain characters (Hagrid specifically) could have seen more airtime, although in the case of Hagrid, the scene with Slughorn and Potter was really a great sidenote in that films otherwise romantically driven or wizarding driven counterplots.
It was nice to see Tom Fallon finally get more screen time, and especially nice to see some further strides in allowing the many costars (Ron, Hermoine, etc) get adequate amounts of time to develop and transcend expectations.

Those who have grown up with Harry have realized the power in the messages behind the wands; and in that I want to divulge something... the realization that this generations "thing" will be Harry Potter. As the final films are in production now, I think its a pretty good time to read the books, just to continue this nostalgia buzzing through me... I just really don't want it to end.... :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

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top 5 beastie boys songs

1. eggman
2. ch-check it out
3. an open letter to nyc
4. shazam!
5. intergalactic

top 5 things I love about summer 2009

1. hanging out at rockefeller/wetmore with my sweet friends
2. getting time to just relax
3. hanging with mark + lindsey
4. good conversations at work
5. midnight showings

top 5 films of this summer thus far

1. star trek
2. away we go
3. drag me to hell
4. up
5. public enemies

top 5 favorite shows concerning banana stands, magic shows, and charlie brown jokes

1. arrested development
2. arrested development
3. arrested development
4. arrested development
5. arrested development