Friday, July 10, 2009

MidAisle Critic: Summer Movie Reviews: Away We Go

Last night my brother and I saw the latest film from director Sam Mendes. Both of us consider ourselves fans of John Krasinski, and I (I have not asked my brother so I do not know his response) am a big fan of Mendes other work (revolutionary road, american beauty, road to perdition). We had to drive a greater distance to see this one, as it was only released in limited production (which means I generally WANT to see it, but almost NEVER do, because of the lack of importance my local Regal cinema places upon "its kind" of cinema); but nonetheless the trip was worth every second spent.

"Away We Go" was refreshing. I know that that may seem like a simplistic statement, but I mean it in its broadest sense. I find that it is difficult to simply define the film as it is. It is part drama, part comedy, and all enjoyable. The craftsmanship that Mendes utilizes in his other films are seen quite clearly in his composition of human emotions carried across 2 hours by two actors who have quite a bit more potential than I previously realized. I believe that one of Mendes' greatest strengths lies in his ability to compose real emotions surrounding "fictional families"; for example: Kevin Spacey + Annette Benning in 'American Beauty', Tom Hanks + Tyler Hoechlin in 'Road to Perdition', and Leo + Kate in 'Revolutionary Road' all embody real characteristics, and thus real dimensions in how they present themselves to one another. This type of acting is not seen often enough, and I feel it is unfortunate that the film industry does not strive for this more often. Krasinski + Rudolph are amazing together, and the chemistry that flows between them creates a union that you truly regard as real. This is a film about relationships, about family, about life, and about the realities that present themselves to us whether we want them to or not. I grow weary of films that sacrifice the sake of relationships merely to make a "romantic comedy ending", and "Away We Go" happily transcends that mold with real dignity. The film probably isn't for everyone, but for those looking for a film about real people with real problems and emotions, here is that film.
4 Stars Mr. Mendes... 4 stars.