Monday, June 29, 2009

the reality

the realities of social justice are revealed to me in so many ways these days.
concentrating upon the implications of social evil + natural has given me new insights, as well as many more questions.
the bombardment of the waves against the seas of my soul rage forward, yet there is a light, a dawn of sorts; pressing into me like an axe to the grind.
i've been tired these days, maybe a bit off balance.
yet fulfillment can come from many different avenues, not simply the street you are walking down.
the implications of a life of fulfillment. the implications of what I have in contrast to another is upon me. the motivations I have. the skills that have been acquired. the gifts that have been given. relentlessly I look upon them in hopes for a quick or easy answer. but that is not the reality. instead the reality is (in many ways) so much more amazing. as it does not look easy. but in every way Is beyond comprehension. thus beyond the reality of my own thought. and therefore worth fighting for.