Thursday, June 11, 2009

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I had a whole list of things that I was going to write about, but I forgot where I put it, so I will try the best that I can to recollect my thoughts (to put into the blog jar).

-I have a nemesis-

So this lady has made it her goal to make my life (at Jamba) miserable. She is a regular customer who enjoys kicking back with vodka, and apparently spending a lot of her husbands money (as she comes in daily spending ludicrous amounts of money on the same freaking three drinks + gift card upgrades, which btw she NEVER uses!).

Alright... enough venting... now to explain:

I messed up her order the first time I took it (my second week of work), and she got pissed. She claims that I had an attitude in response to her, and thus got even more agitated at me. I went into the back, as I was just about to go on break, and the lady told all the girls up front about me, and how rude I was.

Anyways, the girls consoled me and explained this lady's deal, and how she comes in sometimes drunk, and other times under the influence of other things...

regardless... she's kind of intense.

So the second time I take her order, I make sure I got it down. She of course made it a point to not look me in the eye, and very negatively order her usual drinks.
I poured her matcha (which is just green tea powder + soy or oj) into the wrong cup, as I couldn't find the ones that we are supposed to use. I figured my choice was a worthy substitute, she didn't agree. She decides to critique me in front of the whole store and tells me how to do my job.

I stay cool.

A week and a half passes by, and she apparently filed a formal complaint against me, in which she remarks that I "refused" to give her her order correctly, and that I was incredibly rude to her.

I can't even believe it. I am so overly nice to this women that it makes me puke, yet she decides its better if I get reprehended every time she feels unsatisfied.


-Matt's wedding + engagements + other-

My friend Matt got married recently, and I want to wish him and his wife the best of luck. I really wish that I could have been there to see it, but I understand the reasons why. Its crazy how many weddings I have been to in the last few years, but I have to say... that I love every single one individually. I guess its just the symbolism of the whole thing, and getting together with friends and family in celebration. It is a bit sad, but also joyous at the same time.
Matt, if you are reading this, I am happy for you, and lets connect at some point soon.


Plus, my friend Trevor got engaged; crazy. I was his suitemate his senior year, and I think me and my roommate Will drove him crazy, but I guess he gets the upper hand afterall, as neither I nor Will are married. Touche Trevor...

-I have recently been a bit stumped as to what I am going to be teaching on in July (for two weeks, for my college group), and am working through figuring out the best pathway for the teachings.

-My brother graduates with his associates from ITT on Saturday, and I have to say that I am pretty proud. I think he is going to go on to do some awesome things with what he has learned, and I really look forward to seeing that come to fruition. Its crazy that we essentially graduated the same year. More and more I see the importance of building my relationship with him, and my sister, as those relationships are hopefully going to be my support for the rest of my life.

-My thoughts are muddled as of late, and I can't wait till July 2nd...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Disconcerting Speech

The questions that people come up with, based on their own interpretations of you and your lifestyle, amaze me. Today I was asked by my manager about whether I am bi-sexual or not: I couldn't even believe it. Her reasoning behind asking was that because I am single and haven't talked about any dates or anything. I don't understand why someone would feel inclined to assume something like that about someone you don't even know. Her response to my answer, which is 'no I am not', was- "it's okay if you are, I won't judge", the thing that bothers me is that I don't think she understands/cares about my response, and furthermore I feel like she took it with such a grain of salt because I am not fitting into a specific mold/type. I am not upset about it anymore, more just kind taken aback by the ridiculousness of the event.

Singlness is tough. I once wrote a hole blog about singleness' effects upon me and thoughts concerning the lifestyle of being a single, Christian man. Sometimes I wonder about the decisions that I have made, and I wonder about how those choices will teach me and help me in future situations. I have learned a lot from my relationships, and I still feel that I am at the place, ready for whatever God has for me. I guess it takes faith, as well as rememberi g to not allow yourself from experiencing all that life has for you inthe here and now.

Hopefully on the future I won't need to clarify my sexuality to random people.