Thursday, April 23, 2009

hmm interesting

I have finished all the classes that I will need at Simpson University, yet I feel as though I am not truly done until I get through next semesters minor. But in terms of ceremonial achievements, walking across that stage will be exciting, and hopefully phun!

I have realized more (in the last few days) how much this place means to me, and how terribly saddened I am to have to depart from it for now. It is truly the people that makes a community (along with God of course...haha), and I have truly found lifelong relationships this year. I don't believe in saying goodbye, more, I like to note that I will see the person again next time... because we just never know.

I am headed to Los Angeles at the end of August, for a four month study abroad mass media minor gathering film studies program. It will be a good experience, and I look forward to see what I can learn from it. I am no longer going to be able to go on a missions trip to Japan, which saddens me, but I felt as though my interests were divided, and I just was not able to gather all the funds needed to go. Plus, with going to L.A., I have found that I just cannot go down there for three months without some money... but I feel at peace with the decision, as I have prayed indepthly over the whole decision. I wish my team the best, and I know that in many ways I will be with them over in Sapporo.

Recently I have become intrigued and excited, and I hope that continues.....
Recently I have realized how important it is to love others, and put their needs before our own.
Recently I have realized, just how much I need love, God, friends, and family.
Recently I have realized how important community is...