Thursday, April 16, 2009

Broken Pieces Reassembled (My Editorial for the Slate, in case you missed it)

Broken Pieces Reassembled by Eric Wilkinson (Senior)
The troubles of this life are representative of a tidal wave crashing against the beachhead with full ferocity. We can see the physical damages done to the landscape: to the morale and ultimately to the character of what was once peaceful and full of life. We have the opportunity to reach out our hands in consolation for those standing in its path, but we will be hit, bombarded, torn-apart, splintered, tossed, battered, and broken; and yet in our actions, in order to protect them from the harshness of the world, it is completely worth the sacrifice.
I have recently found myself broken by the brokenness of others. This is a bold statement, and it is one not made lightly. I have heard stories of pain, I have seen so many tears, and I have learned much from so many truly amazing individuals. In a short time period, I became aware of the notion that relationships between the sexes have become the hushed topic that no one wishes to deal with. As a community, and as one that professes the perfect love of Christ at that, we have turned our eyes away from one another and simply looked out for our own interests. There are men and women on this campus who feel that they have no worth, who feel like they are inadequate, and as I hear their stories, my heart yearns for a change.
We can always say that we cannot change something, and that we, as an individual, only have the ability to change ourselves, but that individual change, if enacted, can spread across this campus.
My prayer on so many nights has become: “Lord, when can love truly be seen among healthy relationships in men and women? When will we stop feigning innocence, start taking responsibility, and begin purposefully acting in humility towards one another? Why has manipulation become the standard which has caused so much pain, mistrust, and heartache?” Women, you are so worthy, you are so beautiful, you were wonderfully created, and I must say that seeing so many of you feeling that you have no worth is heartbreaking, and it is time to take mutual responsibility; because the change to this issue is not one-sided. Men, we are wonderfully created as well, and we need to start standing instead of sitting, we need to reach out our hands (not in misguided attempts), but in loving empathy, and pursue in the right motives. We need to know that we are all at fault here and that this is not a game to be played; things must change.
Men and Women of Simpson University, we must stop metaphorically “killing” one another with our words, actions, and attitudes! We are a community of individuals, who believe in the love, and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and in that perfect example, we urgently must emulate his perfect example to one another. For even though the challenge is great, we are the beloved of Christ, and each and every one of us was created, a child of God. Men and Women, love is real, just as pain is, and we are all in this together. Who will hold you accountable if you are not willing to look inside yourself? When will we all stand up?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some Books I Want to Read

1. Watership Down- I've always been curious...
2. Silence- David Martinson's favorite book... which means I should probably read it, because he reads a lot of good books.
3. Human Communication as Narrative (Walter Fisher)- why the heck not???
4. Augustine (City of God + Confessions)- To expand theological thought
5. On the Good Life (Cicero)- Dr. Berger would be proud
6. The Phaedrus- Ditto (from 5)
7. Gore Vidal (Hollywood + Lincoln)- I hear they are good
8. Of Mice and Men- Apparently I was the only one who didn't read it in high school
9. Joseph Heller
10. Pride and Prejudice- I watched the 6-hour version... Keira Knightley's got nothing on that... but I should read the book
11. Armor- It looks epic... and Ryan gives his approval
12. N.T. Wright- More theology!
13. The Shack- but only after the hype has died down, and people move onto Shack 2: Back to the Hood....
14. The Giver- needs to be reread
15. Thomas Merton
16. Jean Vinyard
17. G.K Chesterton- A Generous Orthodoxy- I want to compare the post-modern position with the classic position
18. A Wrinkle in Time- I've never read it!!
19. Bruchko- Dustin's recommendation
20. Dostoyevsky
21. New Seeds of Contemplation
22. Patterned by Grace
23. Marshall McLuhan- Understanding Media
24. Narratives of a vulnerable God
25. Guns, Germs, and Steel- Ryan
26. Captain Blood- Ryan
27. Kierkegaard
28. King Solomon's Mines
29. A Rhetoric of Motives
30. The Road
31. A Clockwork Orange
32. Sharp Teeth
33. Bonhoeffer
34. Howl's Moving Castle
35. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles
36. Alive in Necropolis
37. Markings
38. Tigerheart