Monday, March 2, 2009


School has it out for me I think.
Somehow I have accumulated so much responsibility, and so much work in a short period of time!!
It's frustrating, but I suppose it was foreseeable. The beginning of this semester was one of the worst I have ever had (for various reasons, spoken about in past blogs), and it has taken me some time to really "get on track" with things. I always wondered what 'seniorities' would feel like, but I never assumed that I would be "one of those people". It is a bit discouraging, considering I want to eventually go to grad school (which means more and more work!). I love the acquisition of knowledge, and the implications of expanding one's mind; yet I have been having a semester filled with unfulfilling classes, and challenging questions. This semester has opened me up to so many new things, and I feel like my understanding of God is being moved/stretched/ and strengthened. Plus, I feel like I have met so many great people in the last few months, and the impact of that has been truly inspiring. All this to say, my classes have been pretty mild in my pursuits this semester, and I can see that it is time that I start working harder, but overall, the impact that community has had upon me, and the things that God has been teaching me... have been truly more real during this time.