Friday, February 13, 2009

Feblog #10-Thoughts and Ruminitions Revised!

(edited due to some sentence fragments/grammar issues)

"sing the praises as you're sleeping
feel the choir and the thunder
see the changes go on & on oh!
and everybody's sense of
child like wonder"- Paul McCartney

The last few weeks or so have really made me appreciate life in a whole new way. I don't really understand it, but I feel as though I am opening up in so many new ways. I feel like my life has been taking a turn for the best, and now that I am on the right track again... I feel... well happy.
I have been having so much fun lately, and I hope that that continues. :)

I have made some transitions to start applying for the Masters of Education program at Simpson... Last year when I decided it was what I was going to do, but I put it down because I was going through so much during the summer, and I couldn't conceive of how it would work out... but last month (Jan) as I was looking back into it, I have been really considering this new opportunity... I am seeing a lot of positivity from it.
I am so blessed by all the new friends that I have been getting. And I feel like I can "be there" for others in ways that I felt like before I couldn't... and that's a good feeling too...

All in all... I am excited to see what's next.