Tuesday, December 30, 2008

God Put a Smile Upon My Face... Reflections IX

So many things have been happening since I last wrote in this blog. I can't believe how blessed I have become.... I guess getting out of a time of such "dryness" is always a good feeling. I feel as though things are really starting to change for the better.
It is interesting that in life, we can be right in front of something (or someone) for so long, and yet never truly know them... until we put forth an effort. I think that through my time at Simpson I have truly failed to encapsulate the notions of a community, and have rather lost myself in the "shuffles" of everyday life.
I guess stepping back and looking around... I have finally been able to notice those things which always been apparent, but up until recently haven't been available.
The time of Christmas break has been a real challenge, as it has kept me from a continuance of these feelings, but even in this time of limitation, I have found such great blessings.
I am not (at this time) going to truly lay out what this blessing encompasses, because it is still such a great mystery to me at this time, and I am too intrigued to stop.
Sometimes what we think we have always known surprises us... and most of the time it happens not at our convenience, but on the timing of its own "drum".
I don't know how things are going to happen in the next coming months, but I am excited to find out. For the first time (in a really long time), I am really excited about the unknown (and what that brings). For most of my life I have always told myself that the unknown was a terrible thing, and that change is something that happens as part of a cruel fate. But in the last month or so, and specifically in the last 2.5 weeks, this new understanding of "the unknown" has reignited my understanding of my current situation, and excited me to continue to pursue....
For one out there, these words I do hope reach, and in that reach I hope they allow a smile...