Monday, October 6, 2008

what I'm striving for...reflections VI b.

I realized after I had written the previous blog entry that I hadn't really considered all that I had written. I sat down and wrote that blog in about 15 minutes without any real thought, and for that I felt I should rebut.

On Education:
*I don't think that grades really reflect how much you have actually learned in many cases. I feel like some of the best classes I took at Simpson, ended with me having a "C" in the class, but a wealth of new information to mess with.
*I don't always enjoy new ideas, in fact sometimes I dread them. Sometimes I feel like many of the theories and ideas of past philosophers, theorists, politicians, and others add to an ever growing issue rather than an ever-growing good. It is good to reach out and invest and learn, but it is also good to moderate, to "sift out" information that will neither help or hinder your "search"

On life, love, and the pursuit of happiness:
*I would like to have all of the above please... thank you, and come again...
*I have felt both full of it, and completely devoid of it...
*I would like to actual find what I am looking for and not have to create a sense of false security...

In Response to a previous blog (concerning Race and Issues in Diversity):
*An American culture is one that is formed in the way we communicate to each other, and in the way that we communicate ourselves to others around the world. Just like when we think of Australians being a "certain way", Australians should think of us in a "certain way". Our movies, our music, our clothing trends, our ideas are definitely American in every sense of its being. If we simply say that America has no culture, we simply do not identify any impact on anything around us (yes even corporations, architecture, art, societal norms, institutions, geography, history, and traits).

On Politics
*If the will of the people sways to one side or the other, the end result will ultimately be the same in that each side has promised to act... but rather looking at the results, we should be looking at the problem.

what I'm striving for..... reflections VI

Everyone has a goal of some sorts.
Even if we say that we are striving to inhibit "nothingness" we are still striving towards an ultimate goal. In the case of education, I have always been one who wants so much more, yet gets discouraged along the way and simply succumbs to the overbearing load of responsibility. This year I have been really struggling to balance my free time with my homework time. I want to know more, I am yearning to, yet I allow all the distractions in the world into my sphere of attention and lose focus so easily. Why? Because I make excuses like: "I have too much stress", or "There's no way I could reasonably do all these things in this short amount of time", or "I would rather play Oblivion than study for a Grubbs test, regardless of the fact that up till that point I hadn't even cracked open the book resulting in a rush study session". These things and many more get me discouraged. I know I have the potential, yet I feel tired... tired from 4 years of studying, going to class, taking tests, and making excuses(lol... the last one is a joke).
My thirst for knowledge is overshadowed by my ability to make up a good excuse, and in that I feel weak. In that I feel that I haven't quite measured the balance, and because of that I have suffered for it (both in grades, and in what I could know)...